Barbara and Sandra actually did quit their day jobs to become full-time musicians. They retired early from teaching to entertain on Celebrity Cruises.  That was a fun job they would consider again, but right now  they're prefering entertaining "on land"  where they can golf and enjoy other outdoor activities.
After entertaining together for over twenty five years, they've developed a repertoire of over 1500 live songs, plus they can DJ and offer karaoke as part of their entertainment package.  Although they specialize in dance music, they also can provide background music and they offer a one hour, two hour or three hour show  that includes humor and audience participation when appropriate.
Barbara was a music education major who specialized in trumpet.  Both Sandra and Barbara play keyboards, guitar, electronic drums.and spoons. Their voices blend so well and their harmonies are so tight that it's difficult to discern which voice is which.
They know that all entertainers must have their share of compliments, but they feel theirs set them apart from most other entertainers because they are told so often "You are our favorite entertainers." 
Sound on Sound is an incredibly talented, 
dynamic, versatile and energetic duo that knows how to read their audience.  Every job is different, as they cater to each special audience.
Sound on Sound
Barbara Wilson and Sandra Woo
805 934 5888
"I can't remember when we've had so much fun".
"We cannot express in words how much you added to our 25th wedding anniversary.  It was the best party of our lives.  Thank you, thank  you, thank you."
"I haven't heard you yet, but I've been told I should be prepared to be blown away"
"It's not just your music.  You have such a way with people, and the fun you have entertaining is contageous to your audience."
. . . . . and the entertainment was amazing"
"You two have such personality that your music could be lousy and your personality  would have carried  you.  However, in this case, we had both and my husband said to tell you, Barbara, that you play a sweet horn."
SM Travel Club
"I am always amazed with the variety of instruments you play and arrangements you create and I continue to be very impressed with your talents."
   Chair, SCWU, Malibu
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